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40th Birthday Cake Pictures

How To Avoid Embarrassing 40th Birthday Cake Pictures

Avoiding your 40th birthday is not going to happen unless you are a lonely sloth living in a cave.

A celebration will commence all because you are aging, and 40 happens to be one of those ages where everyone is going to tell you how old you are whether you like it or not.

Your friends and family are going to try to embarrass you with over the hill gifts and gags and they are going to memorialize it for you and the rest of the world by taking pictures and posting them all over the internet.

The most embarrassing pictures taken usually happen when the cake is brought out.

Don't worry, there are many things you can do to avoid embarrassing 40th birthday cake pictures.

First, just don't bother blowing out the candles and let that cake burn through the table.

Blowing out the candles results in the worst pictures of yourself and make you look very undesirable.

They show your mouth open and possibly spit flying out onto the cake. Avoid it all together.

Eating the cake can be embarrassing as well. They always snap the pics when your mouth is being shoveled full of cake.

It makes you look like a pig. Since not eating the cake isn't an option, simply take small bites or go under the table to eat your slice.

Make sure to eat with your mouth closed and keep a napkin near to wipe your face.

Another embarrassing cake episode is when there is a live woman popping out of it.

This always shows a surprised look and makes you look like a fool.

Pictures of this nature will hit the internet quicker than green grass through a goose and could possibly go viral.

The only way to avoid these embarrassing pictures is to break the cameras or wear a mask, preferably a Bill Clinton mask.

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