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40th Birthday Cakes For Men

Making Fun And Delicious 40th Birthday Cakes For Men

Fun being the keyword, but lets try something different here for a man’s cake on his 40th birthday.

I am going to try and explain how this cake idea is constructed by being as vivid as possible.

The idea may not be appealing to the health conscious, however everyone is allowed to slip up on their birthdays.

I have a feeling that this 40th birthday cakes for men is going to go viral. First I must warn you that this cake will have 30,000 calories and 29,000 of those are from fat.

Also, there are no substitutes to make it on the lite side. It also has the potential to blow a heart out of the chest, so it must be eaten in small portions.

I am taking about a layered bacon cake here. It is gluten free as no flour is added. Just eggs, mayo, and four pounds of bacon.

On a sheet pan, lay the raw strips of bacon out and weave them length wise and cross ways. It will form a square mat.

Do this with all four pounds of bacon creating 4 mats. Bake them until crisp. Set the bacon aside to cool and fry up 2 dozen eggs, over hard. Make sure the yolks are popped, then let cool. The eggs are what holds the cake together.

For the icing, we are going to use mayo. To layer the cake, lay down one bacon mat and put a layer of icing, I mean mayo on top of the mat.

Spread on top of that 6 of your flat over hard eggs. Repeat this until until the cake is 4 tiers high. Once it is complete you can store it in the oven. Do not refrigerate.

It can be made up to four hours in advance. This cake should not be used with candles as it could cause a grease fire.

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