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40th Birthday Countdown

40th Birthday Countdown - Soon Forty

Turning 40 is serious and is just as important as the new year.

Once we turn 35, we seem to be counting down the days until we hit 40. We do this because we dread it.

Turning 40 means we have reached the top of the hill and the only way to go from here is down. It is a momentous change in our bodies and minds.

Our 40th birthday countdown can either drive us crazy, or represent a whole new positive phase in our lives.

This will depend on the person really. Women tend to be more sensitive to aging than men. Their countdown to 40 usually triggers the idea of getting a face lift or botox injections.

They also get that cougar mentality and surround themselves with younger people in order to feel young.

Some women may even go back to school or make a career change in order to accomplish some of their lifetime goals.

When men get to that age they soon go through mid-life by acting a fool and pretending they are 20 again.

They will do things like cliff diving and jumping out of airplanes for no apparent reason. They will also frequent gentlemen clubs and spend gobs of money on younger women.

They have been known to buy fancy sport cars in order to look and feel cool.

At this age, some men have been known to change their lifestyles by coming out of the closet or even living out their past hidden desires of cross dressing.

Turning 40 makes us do some crazy things because we feel like our time of walking the earth is half way over.

It is like death is knocking at our door. We deal with this by trying to make ourselves feel younger by acting out and/or trying to accomplish everything we can before we turn into a wrinkly old prune.

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