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40th Birthday Dress Up Ideas

40th Birthday Dress up Ideas That Make You Look Like A Tool

Themes are common with birthday parties. They are either the usual Western, Star Trek, or Seventies disco movie themed parties. All of these themes bring out the worst in people.

If you have a western themed party you can bet that there will be a bunch of Clint Eastwood and John Wayne want to bes bellying up to the bar slapping their hand on the bar and shouting "Barkeep! Whiskey!".

Then they will challenge each other to a draw. They walk out in the street and pull their cap guns and shoot each other falling to the ground and will chance getting ran over by your more than annoyed neighbor.

If you go with the Star Trek theme 40th birthday dress up ideas, there will be a group of nerds arguing in Klingon and trying to expand the empire.

There is always a fight that breaks out because three or more people want to be captain Kirk.

Then you will have to endure the endless phaser battles where everyone runs around making there version of what a phaser weapon sounds like. PHEW! TSEEW! WEEoo! BEEUOOSH! and so on and so forth.

That brings us to the Seventies disco movie theme. First of all, nobody should have to endure disco music. There is a reason the eighties came along.

Sure you might think it was just a natural progression of time, but it was to save us from mirrored globes, bell bottom polyester pantsuits, afros on white people, and DISCO MUSIC!

Now if this is your choice for a party, be forewarned that half of your guests will be wearing a white Saturday Night Fever suit, and the other half will be in the bathroom smoking weed and dropping acid.

My advice to you would be to host a cartoon character party. It's not just for kids and the choice of costumes is near endless. Ebe DE that's all folks!

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