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40th Birthday Gag Gifts

40th Birthday Gag Gifts For Men

Gag gifts are mostly insensitive and potentially offensive which is why it is usually not a good idea to give a birthday gag gift to a woman.

This is especially the case when she is vulnerable due to the fact that turning 40 is not something that women in general are delighted about.

Men, on the other side are used to make fun of one another and they love competing in everything that there is to compete in; including who is the best birthday gag gift giver.

The good news for those men is that 40th birthday is one of the best occasions for gag gifts due to the fact that many people tent to freak out when they wake up and realize that they are about to turn 40 and become what is officially considered middle-aged person.

Yes, you’ve guessed it; the over the hill 40th birthday gag gifts are the way to go if you want to get them the best birthday gag gift they will never forget.

Needless to say, you should still keep in mind that gag gifts can make a person feel offended, embarrassed, angry or even hurt. Therefore, don’t be mean but instead be creative.

For example, one of the most common over the hill birthday gag gifts have something to do with the coffin.

If you wish to give him the memorable but fun over the hill coffin gift you can make the real size coffin and place it in the middle of the room (during the birthday party).

Now, that’s creepy!

Everybody would expect something scary to happen, including the birthday boy, which is why the best surprise effect is to make something good come out of the coffin… what (who) would that be…?

It is also a good idea to place some nice gifts in the coffin (e.g. a good bottle of vine and scotch, cigars, movies, etc.) and write on the inside of the coffin (so that is visible when opened) some optimistic or fanny 40th birthday saying such as: “life begins at 40” or “being 40 can be a lots of fun”.

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