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40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Brother

Silly 40th birthday gift ideas for brother That Are Practical

Brothers are fun people to get gifts for.

Their wives and kids can get them the same boring things for men, but when he turns 40, it is a chance for his siblings to pay him back for all his ill deeds he's done during childhood, or to make him feel really good about his age.

There are some great 40th birthday gift ideas for brother on his special day. When buying any gift for a man, it is good to remember that just because he's turning 40, does not mean he's going to act 40.

Most men do not ever act their age, however age does creep up on their appearances and physical being and there are some great gifts that reflect on that.

If you plan on messing with your brother on his birthday, how about getting him Viagra or something similar.

It's not HARD to obtain and there are many substitutes that can be purchased over the counter.

Other gift ideas for your brother are things like Just For Men hair dye, a cane, nose clippers, or a guide on "how to properly go through mid-life crisis in style".

Not only are you messing with him, but these gifts are practical and will be put to good use! NOTE: If you get your brother a cane, he will use it for everything accept for its intended use.

He will pretend it is a gun and shoot at invisible things, he will also use it to close doors, open curtains, and possibly even to scratch his back. Guys are very creative when it comes to rods with handles.

If you really love your brother and want to make him feel good on his 40th, you can get him gifts of youth. Maybe rent a bright red Porsche or Camaro for the day or week. He will love it.

Even better, how about big boy toys such as a remote control sailboat or helicopter or even a home brewery kit.

George Michael or NYXS concert tickets would be good too! You could even treat him to a night out at Chuckie Cheese! Boys, I mean men, love mascots, video games, and pizza. NOTE: If you get your brother a Porsche or Camaro for his 40th just make sure you have enough bail money.

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