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40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Son

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Son Worth Investing In

There is a distinct line between the gifts a mother will give a son and the type of gift a father will give. A mother will tend to give more practical items to the fruit of her loins.

For the last thirty-nine years she has given him underwear, socks, a toothbrush, and a cutsie card with five dollars in it.

His father has given a smile and a handshake of condolence. Except for on his twenty-first birthday when he took him to the gentlemen club for a beer and some un-gentlemenly like behavior.

These 40th birthday gift ideas for son should be the most special. As his mother, you should deviate from the normal gifts. No. Not boxers instead of briefs.

Something more meaningful. You should get him a paid vacation to the Bahamas on a cruise ship. Then a promise not to interfere in his romantic endeavors anymore.

As his father, you should give your son the money for his divorce, or the old muscle car that the two of you rebuilt when he was in high school under the pretense that it would someday be his.

Finally, this time when you go to the gentlemen club, pay for your own dance!

If you get him these things for his 40th birthday, there is a better chance of him moving out of your house sometime before you are dead.

Of course he is just going to move back in when you become too old to get around safely. On the plus side, by that time you will be able to point and laugh at him. Why would you laugh at him?

Well, as you spit strained peas and prune juice at him, you can rest comfortably knowing that he is going to have to change your adult diaper.

So you see, the sacrifice you make for his happiness on his 40th birthday, will be well worth the investment.

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