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40th Birthday Homemade Gag Gifts

40th birthday homemade gag gifts From Everyday Items

Gags are really fun, especially in the bedroom.

Sure you can gift the birthday gal or guy a gag gift in a public setting, but this can prove to be embarrassing depending on where you are at the time.

For example, you can present the gag while at the local drive-in or in a gas station parking lot, but not in a furniture store or restaurant.

Those places are too public and can easily humiliate someone, and you would not want to do that on someone's birthday. Here are some great 40th birthday homemade gag gifts.

Homemade gags are easy to make and can be whipped up with everyday items found around your house. One way would be to use a golf ball and a neck tie.

Depending on the size of the birthday recipients mouth, you can use a tennis ball or even a bowling ball. If you have nothing else, you can use the hair ball from the drain or a sock.

Any electrical cord or nylon pantyhose will work as a strap or restraint. Possibly even shoe strings too.

Be creative, if you just look around, you will find a plethora of items just laying around that can easily be made into a perfect gag gift that is fitting.

The important thing to remember with homemade gag gifts is they are meant for fun.

A lot of people go over board with the gags, especially on birthdays, and it can be extremely annoying as well as dangerous.

It is their birthday and the 40 year old should get very special treatment. Try not to over humiliate him or her with your homemade gag gift.

Also, make sure you know the birthday guy or gal well enough to know their limits when it comes to these things. Play safe and be responsible.

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