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40th Birthday Jokes – Best 40th Birthday Humor

40th Birthday Jokes That Will Rock Your 40th Birthday Party

Yes 40!

Turning 40 is a major event which is why it should be celebrated as much as possible.

When turning 40 some people are grateful, happy, content… others are concerned, sad, or even shocked…

One thing is certain – being 40 changes you perspective and nothing will be the same. Everything will be better!

Yes, you can even be shocked and sad but don’t give up on celebrating the 40th birthday and don’t miss a chance to joke about it.

Important thing to note: some people do not appreciate jocks when they feel blue and it is best not to provoke them.

Yes, I know you just want to make them feel better and that is why you are here to find some great 40th birthday jokes; but still you should keep in mind that even jokes are not for everybody.

That being said, humor is the best cure for pain and sadness. Take the thing you are sad, angry or stressed about and make fun of it as much as you can!

Remember as long as you can jock about it you have the upper hand.

For example:

  • “I’m too good looking to be this old!”

  • “You should be really happy for turning 40 because all your favorite movies are now re-leased in color.”

  • “Turning 40 I realized that I was built for comfort, not speed.”

  • “Common, don’t take life so seriously…it is not permanent.”

  • “Relax, it’s all good because being 40 is not old…if you are a tree.”

  • “Now you have 40 things to be thankful for, 40 reasons to laugh about and 40 years in your belly and other favorite body parts.”

  • “Being 40 is like being 20… well maybe not.”

  • “You maybe don’t look as good as when you were 20 but you are still our good old…older… beloved friend.”

  • “Now you are closer to… no wait…now you have many years of… no no wait… now you are much more mature…it’s pointless you are 40.”

  • “Time maybe relevant but your age isn’t.”

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