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40th Birthday Message For Women

A Not So Hallmark 40th birthday message for women

When women turn 40, it's like the whole world is crashing down on them.

I remember when my mother turned 40, it was like the zombie apocalypse had started. It was the beginning of the end for everyone around her.

She constantly complained that I had ruined her figure and was responsible for the drooping dark bags under her eyes.

She also threatened my life if I were to throw her a 40th birthday party because she was still telling people that she was 35. She did this up until I turned 47.

It is my mothers 40th birthday AGAIN and I thought up of a great 40th birthday message for women. Whatever you do, do not give her this messages in singing telegraph form.

She will kill the messenger. Put this message in a birthday card and send it, then move very far away.

This little passage I am about to propose can be used for any woman in your life that is turning 40. It could be your mother, your sister, aunt, or even your boss.

Just remember, women that hit their 40th year are very dangerous creatures. They can turn on you in an instant just like a pet monkey. Also, their senses of humors are hard to judge.

Just because it looks like they are laughing, doesn't mean they are. One day they can be Godzilla, and the next a cute little fuzzy bunny. This behavior all depends on genetics and the temperature.

The hilarious fortieth birthday message for women reads:

This fortieth birthday message was deleted due to the potential hazard it can cause to you and the 40 year old lady you intended this message for (trust me it is in your best interest not to give her this birthday message).

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