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40th Birthday Music

40th birthday music That Entertains The Whole Party

Besides the cake and all the good presents, music is just as fundamental to a birthday party.

Chances are when you are planning the party for a 40 year old, people from many different age groups will be attending so you will have to mix it up a bit in order for everyone to get their groove on.

You can either hire a DJ for hundreds of dollars, or you can simply put some speakers on the computer and launch iTunes and create a play list. This is the best option because you can time everything accordingly.

When deciding on 40th birthday music, keep everyone's age group in mind.

For instance, younger relatives will likely arrive early with their parents and playing music that caters to their likes will keep them entertained and out of your way.

Depending on their ages, you can play some Barney or Sesame street music. If they are a bit older than any kind of violent rap music will do.

For the young adults that will be attending, any kind of music that is loud and has a beat will be nice.

Young adults love music that is undecipherable and sounds like nails on a chalkboard. They will dance and pretend they they are on an episode of "Girls Gone Wild".

For the adults in or around their 40's, you will want to put on some classic music such as Hewie Lewis, MC Hammer, and Michael Jackson.

They will have lots of fun attempting the moon walk and break dancing. Be sure to set out a card board box for head spins.

For the much older guests, elevator music will be fine, that is if they can even hear. Just make sure it is cranked up louder than the rap music.

The best part about this is it will make the younger children fall asleep as well.

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