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40th Birthday On a Budget

Planning A 40th birthday on a budget Easily

With todays failing economy, everyone is looking to save on their cash and birthday parties are no exception.

Birthdays can get extremely expensive after all is said and done. You have the cost of paper plates, plastic cups and forks, cake and beverages, as well as all the party supplies and snacks.

It can easily add up to a small fortune. The good news is all of this can be eliminated with some advanced and frugal planning.

A low budget party can be accomplished easier than most people think. When planning a 40th birthday on a budget, you must not be modest and throw everything you ever learned about class out the window.

Go ahead and walk into your local Salvation Army or Good Will and you will find all sorts of goodies for a party.

Sure, buying a used paper noise maker is absolutely disgusting, but your guests will not know. Go ahead and grab them for 10 cents. You are doing the thrift store a favor.

Look around for other things such as old Halloween and Easter candy. Find a used stuffed animal as well. You can un-stuff him and shove all that yummy candy in there to make a low budget pinatta.

As for food and alcohol, you can write on your party invitations for each guest to bring a dish and their own drinking units. Speaking of invitations, do not even bother buying them.

Use the Facebook or email strategy to make the announcement instead. The last thing to worry about is the cake.

You can either get the out of date cake from your grocers dumpster, or you can break out the food stamps and let the taxpayers pay for all of the ingredients needed in order to bake one at home.

The above is only one strategy for planning a birthday on a budget. There are worse ways to go about budgeting a party but it may land you in jail.

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