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40th Birthday Poems

Unique 40th Birthday Poems

Turning 40 is scary for many people, which is why there are many funny and provocative fortieth birthday poems, quotes and sayings.

The best way to overcome the anxiety of turning forty is to joke about it and spend time with people that care about you.

One of the things you can do is to take few minutes and number all the things you have accomplished until now. When you finish the list you will feel much better.

Of course, you should think about future as well because there is still a lot of time left and many more things to do.

Whether life begins at forty or not depends entirely on you. Life can indeed begin at 40 if you choose so.

Bellow we have provided you with few original, sarcastic and provocative fortieth birthday poems. Read them with a smile on your face because life is just a game where you make the rules.

Please note: The 40th birthday poems on this page are all unique, original and owned by us. If you wish to use our poems in any commercial way feel free but we ask you to credit us by linking back to our site.

Being Forty Is…

Being forty is so cruel

Cause Viagra becomes your primary tool

At 40 you start loosing your hair

And your hobby becomes sitting in the chair

Being 40 is half way there

But live your life like you don’t care

Being 40 is not all so bad

It’s not like you are already dead

Put a smile on your face

And take your age with grace

Now that you are forty you’ll get the respect

Because you’ve finally learned to be politically correct

No more revolutionary thinking

No more unnecessary risking

Now you are a grownup man

Welcome to the 40th birthday Clan!

Aaron DeMarco

40 Year Old Woman

A 40 year old woman can be beautiful

Spending time with her can be joyful

Because 40 year old woman is skillful

And she is not afraid to be sinful

Aaron DeMarco

40 Year Old Man

A 40 year old man can be rich

Which is good because he usually comes with a glitch

He can teach you great many things

And play well all your strings

Aaron DeMarco

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