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40th Birthday Restaurant Ideas

Non Embarrassing 40th Birthday Restaurant Ideas

Turning 40 can be challenging for some, especially women. Sure you can throw them the typical party at home with all of their friends and family, but this is a lot of work.

There is the mess, decorations, seating and parking, as well as planning the events to keep the party running.

All of this headache can be avoided by holding the party at a restaurant.

Mind you, there are many restaurants that commit embarrassing acts of entertainment and birthday songs, but if you go to the right place, this too can be avoided.

The goal here is to not publicly humiliate someone if they are sensitive to their age.

A couple of 40th birthday restaurant ideas that will not embarrass the 40 year old are places like McDonald's!

Yes I said McDonald's or any other fast food joint. These kinds of places have ample parking and can feed busloads of people in minutes!

Not only that, they do not have staffers that will come out with dorky party hats while clapping and singing in a horrible tone "Happy Birthday".

I know that a fast food restaurant may sound ridiculous for a 40 year old, but think about it, they even have ice cream!

Also, these kinds of places are kid friendly and can handle any amount of mess. It just may make the birthday guy or gal feel young again too.

This may sound just as ridiculous but celebrating a 40th birthday party at a food truck or hot dog stand is just as acceptable. Why not?

You avoid all of the things such as embarrassment and mess, and you are doing those struggling vendors a huge favor. Also, these independents typically have the best food in town and they always have ice cream sandwiches!

These restaurant ideas may seem tacky for a 40th, however you not only avoid the disaster and stress of holding the party at home, but you save a ton of money.

Also, sit down restaurants require a reservation and possibly even a small fee in order to reserve a section of the floor and parking is always an issue.

As well, you avoid the staffers from embarrassing the poor 40 year old that does not want a big fuss made of his/her age.

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