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40th Birthday Speech

40th Birthday Speech Guide

Giving a speech is easy if you have a good speech, you are well prepared and you have one or two quick “fixers” and attention “grabbers” in your sleeves.

A good speech is nothing else but a good story. The only difference between a speech and a classical story is that the speech needs to be dynamic and interesting at all times in order to be successful.

What is a good (successful) speech?

Any speech that entertains the crowd and makes the guest of honor feels special and loved.

Important thing to note: if the guest of honor is offended in any way by the speech the speech is simply bad, no mater how hilarious it may be to the other guests.

Also, if the speech only understands the guest of honor than the speech is a personal message that should be deliver personally.

How to write a good 40th birthday speech?

When it comes to writing a good fortieth birthday speech first condition is to know the person well; or to have all the relevant information which is essential for writing a successful birthday speech.

Once you have the structure of the speech you need to make it interesting, amusing, fanny (at times), and emotional.

Important tip: use common words as much as possible so that it is easy to understand what you are trying to say. You want people to focus on the meaning of the story (speech) not on the meaning of some fancy words.

The goal is to grab their attention and keep them focused during the entire speech; the goal is not to impress them with your vocabulary.

How to deliver a speech effectively?

The key elements of giving an effective speech are: high confidence and synchronized verbal and nonverbal expressions.

The secret for gaining confidence and being able to master your verbal and nonverbal expressions is practice. The better you know your speech the more confidence you will have delivering it, and the more effective your speech will be.

How long should a 40th birthday speech be?

Since it is a milestone birthday, thus very important event the speech should be anywhere between 5-10 minutes long.

Note: it is quite challenging to give a 10 minute (or longer) speech effectively. If you have no previous experience with giving a speech it would be wise to make your speech 5 minutes long (or even shorter).

After all, it is not the length of the speech but its quality that is important.

How many words is the 5 minute speech?

The top speed of your speech should be 99 words per minute in order for your birthday speech to be effective and fully understandable.

Therefore, a five minute speech is equal to 500 words or less, which is only one page long.

Of course writing interesting, fanny, entertaining and attention grabbing 500 words is everything but easy.

Everything you’ve read above is written in 500 words. If you read it in one breath that means that the article (story) was interesting to you.

The goal of your speech is to be interesting to your audience and make them want to hear even more.

What are the quick speech “fixers” and attention “grabbers”?

A quick speech fixer is your secret weapon number one, that you can use when things go wrong during your speech.

With no attention to stress you even more than you are already stressed about giving the speech, there are quite a few things that can go wrong during the process of delivering the speech.

The three most frequent ones are:

1.You forget parts of your speech

2.You notice that you are loosing the audience’s attention

3.Somebody says something that interrupts your speech

If you forget parts of your speech the most important thing is not to panic, get anxious or blush but instead stay calm because you are ready for it.

The moment that it happens, pull out the rabbit out of your hat (quick speech fixer) and make the people laugh, ask them questions and buy yourself as much time as you need; and you can do that because you are in charge.

A quick fixer during the 40th birthday speech can be a good 40th birthday saying that is personalized; or it can be a couple of thought provoking and unexpected (but tasteful) questions for specific people or the whole audience.

Attention grabbers are your secret weapon number two that you should use if you realize that people in the back started talking and that you are loosing the audience.

Again, do not panic or get discouraged because you are ready for it.

Tell a good 40th birthday joke that will make people laugh which is your second chance to deliver your speech effectively because if they are laughing that means that you’ve got their attention back.

Last but not least for a 40th birthday speech to be effective it needs to come from within the heart. Therefore, be as much spontaneous as you can be and just go for it (but first prepare well).

Good luck!

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