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40th Birthday Toast

40th Birthday Toast Guide

It’s your friend’s or your loved one’s 40th birthday and you would like to give a funny, touching or otherwise interesting and sincere 40th birthday toast…

First thing you need to know about the 40th birthday is that people tend to feel blue when turning 40. Therefore, the toast should be optimistic, nice and funny.

However, when we say funny we don’t mean offensive. You don’t want to make fun of a guest of honor in any way or make them feel embarrassed.

To be specific: do not make fun of them being old or going over the hill.

Furthermore, do not tell the “proportionally gaining fat and wisdom” type of jokes or do or say anything that can hurt their feelings. The last thing you want is to make someone embarrassed, sad or angry on their birthday.

We emphasize this because surprisingly (or not) many people give the over the hill gag 40th birthday gifts to their friends, and deliver 40th birthday speeches or make toasts which make fun of the guest of honor because those kind of speeches and toasts are entertaining to the other guests.

Don’t be one of those people.

That being said, there is more than one way to make a nice 40th birthday toast to your friend or a loved one.

  • Write a poem – a poem toast is a great way to say to someone how much they mean to you and how special they are.

    Writing a poem is not very difficult despite the fact that people that have never written a poem think that poems are “reserved” only for the gifted people called “poets”.

    Tip: there are many rhyming tools that you can use to help you write a poem (e.g. Wikipedia rhyming dictionary, rhymezone.com, rhymer.com).

  • A “PowerPoint toast” – the great and very entertaining way to make a toast is by using some type of presentation tools.

    Even the simple slideshow of interesting photos can greatly contribute to the quality of a toast.

    Get as many unique, attention grabbing and nice photos of your friend and use them to tell a story about his or her life in an original, funny and touching way.

    Tip: simple to use PowerPoint presentation program is the best option for the “presentation toast”.

  • Conventional toast – the traditional toast is most commonly used for birthdays, weddings and other type of celebrations. There is no need to further explain this type of toast.

    In conclusion, no matter what type of 40th birthday toast you choose the most important thing is that you make the guest of honor feel special and loved.

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