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40th Birthday Yard Decorations

40th Birthday Yard Decorations That Mark The Spot

When having a party, a lot of people will tie party balloons to the mailbox to let everyone know where the party is.

This is fine and dandy, but there are some other pretty cool yard effects that will announce that someone is celebrating being half dead.

For instance, you can hire a bum off the street to be a sign flipper.

He'll work cheap for a piece of cake and some beer. If you do not like bums, you can rent one of those inflatable wavy advertising men or a bounce house for the front yard.

Just know that renting party equipment usually requires a deposit and a credit card. If you are strapped for cash or have poor credit, there are other more frugal things to do.

When decorating the yard, get creative and think outside of your normal thinking arena.

Some things you can use for 40th birthday yard decorations are those old plastic pink flamingos. They are tacky, but so are birthday colors.

Put some party hats and bow ties on them and tie a balloon around their neck. There will be no mistaken where the party is at. Another good birthday yard prop would be a car.

You can paint a big "X" on it to mark the spot, hang some streamers and spray silly string all over it and blast up the radio. You could do the same thing with a lawn mower or tent, sans the radio of course.

You can be as creative as you want in your yard. Get a giant card board box and decorate it, toilet paper a tree with party streamers, and make colorful yard flags from paper and sticks.

Just remember, it is a birthday party and the gaudier the yard decorations, the easier it is to find the party.

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