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Elegant 40th Birthday Party Themes

The Basics of Elegant 40th Birthday Party Themes For All Classes

By the time someone is 40, chances are they have established their own sense of class and elegance.

Of course "class" and "elegance" is subjective, however if you have a close relationship with the recipient, accommodating him or her with an embellished party is easy.

For instance, if the 40 year old in your life was brought up fanciful or happens to exhibit an hoity-toity behavior, you could put on elegant 40th birthday party themes that are muckety-muck that include wine tastings or martini parties at a country club.

This is a great way to show off how strong ones pinkie finger is. Not only that, these types of people will be in awe over the gorgeous display of aged wines or blue cheese stuffed olives!

Wine and martini glasses scream elegance and so does stinky cheese. Instead of cake, a chocolate mousse in chilled high ball glasses wrapped with a white linen would be nice.

Since we know that "class" and "elegance" are subjective, there are other neat party themes for the established tastes of 40 year olds.

For those classes that are what I like to call "trailer park keggers", a bottled beer theme at the laundromat would be considered elegant.

A layout of imported and unusual beer chilled in buckets full of ice wrapped in the finest bandanas emits sophistication. Instead of a birthday dessert made in a Jello mold, a nice corn bread cake made with gravy icing is sure to be a hit theme.

Just keep in mind that elegant party themes depend entirely on ones tastes and pleasures.

Just because that 40 year old enjoys sophisticated beverages and atmospheres does not mean that he/she wants an uptight party, and the same goes for the trailer park refugee.

Know your victim before imposing a sophisticated party. It may be forcing them into a situation to where they have to behave in a certain manner, and no one wants that on their birthday!

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